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New to AUtoLISP, trying to insert a block and rotate it


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I'm very new to Autolisp, and I am having some trouble with my code. Here's a description of what I am trying to do:


I have a drawing consisting of two pipes, bottom pipe and upper pipe. They will be inclined in reference to the paper, represented by the square. I need to insert at the end of these pipes a block (inside the block will be a leader), which then will be rotated to align itself with the paper orientation.

Somehow, the code i've written so far is not working, I believe it's because i'm not getting the correct syntax of the commands i'm using. Would anyone be willing to take a look? Help is much appreciated.


See attached files for my code and the drawing (containg the desired block)



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Welcome to CADTutor .


Suppose that you know the rotation angle and it is assigned to variable rot in the following example .


(if (and (tblsearch "BLOCK" "test2")
        (setq rot 45.0)
        (setq p (getpoint "\n Specify insertion point :"))
 (command "_.-insert" "test2" "_non" p "1" "1" rot)

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Under ;Calculations

You have not set anything for angpt uppercurvepoint or bottomcurvepoint. Move your defuns above this section.


Additionally, I would be more apt to use an entmod.

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Be careful to that if you change the units accidently setting rot to 45 is what degrees or radians look into the setvars before doing angles



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