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make autocad drawing 100times smaller


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Hello guys,

I am currently making an autocad 2d drawing for a university assignment.

I just realized I was making my drawing 100times too big. Too bad I dont want to start all over again because there is kinda big pressure on it. Unfortunately I've only had 3 lessons autocad so I'm pretty much a big failer loser with this program.

Hope you guys can help me out.

Thanks in advance helping me out.


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Welcome to Cadtutor.


Are you familiar with the SCALE command? If not, type "scale" into the search box in the AutoCAD2015 title bar and press enter, or search Youtube for "Autocad Scale"


In a nutshell, select everything in the drawing. Start the Scale command, pick a basepoint, and then a scale factor of 0.001. If you've already annotated and dimensioned, it may require a bit more work to fix those.

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I am concerned that the OP is scaling his drawing in model space, to give a scaled drawing.


He should be drawing full size in model space, and then using paper space to produce the scaled drawing.


He does not say why the drawing appeared to be 100 times too big.

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Good point eldon. In another thread by the OP re: hatching (I'm thinking it might be the same drawing) I've asked the OP to attach a copy of the drawing file to his next post. It would be very helpful to us if we could see just what he has done so far.

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when I tried to use the scale command I used the integer 100 >.>.



Is that an AutoCAD function that would result in 1/100? What are the -dwgunits?

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