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I am trying to QLATTACH some errant leaders to their respective text. In my QLEADER (S)ettings I have:




Type: Mtext

Options: prompt for width

Reuse: None



Leader Line & Arrow

Leader Line: straight

Points: 2

Arrowhead: closed filled

First segment constraint: any angle

Second segment constraint: horizontal



Multiline Text Attachment

Text on left side: middle of bottom line

Text on right side: middle of top line

Underline bottom line: unchecked


However, when I QLATTACH the leader to text, it wants to add a point to the leader and either underline the bottom line (which is unchecked, remember) or maybe it is trying to associate with the middle of the bottom line instead of the middle of the top line (text is all justified to top left).


See attached. The top leader and mtext is what it should look like; the bottom leader and mtext is what I get when I try to QLATTACH. I'm probably overlooking something simple, but I can't figure out what it may be. Something in STYLE, maybe?

QLATTACH Issue.jpg

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I am too busy to test this, but I believe you want to use the settings as shown in the image.




Thanks for the advice, but that didn't work. Same issue.



Our standards (which I somewhat disagree with, but what you gonna do?) are that all callouts are justified upper left, regardless of if the leader goes right or left. BUT text on the right has the leader attached at middle of top line, while text on the left has the leader attached at middle of bottom line. Again, these are office standards I cannot change, being as I am a drafter peon.



If I were making new callouts with qleader, there would be no problem. But we're working on cleaning up and fixing a metric buttload of legacy details and specs, so I fear doing that will take more time than my workaround...which is shown in the attached pic. Basically, I draw a line where I want the leader to associate, then QLATTACH. That puts the leader at the upper left (which is the text justification, keep in mind). But if I grab the leader's endpoint and drag it to the anchor line, it associates correctly.

QLATTACH Issue_2.jpg

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New details are available:


I confronted our architect whom we originally got the details from, and he admitted that the leaders and mtext were never associated- they were drawn as mtext, then leaders were drawn separately to the mtext. QLEADER was never used. This may explain why QLATTCHing the leaders snaps them to the mtext origin, and not where QLEADER (S)ettings says it should snap- and I don't know if there's any way to really fix it...

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