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AutoCAD will not create file for imported palettes


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Hey everyone, I'm new here, at least as a poster. I've found tons of great info here on the forum, but not one that that quite deals with my issue.


I'm the newly-elected CAD Customization Committee Head and I'm trying to get my Tool Palettes to work over our network. The palettes I've created over the past month work on my station but don't show up on the other users' stations. In a last ditch effort, I exported the problem palettes to my desktop (as .xtp files), then attempted to import them back to my tool palettes. I thought this would force AutoCAD to write .atc files that would actually work.


It didn't. AutoCAD created the .atc files, they're in the proper folder on the network but they don't show up in anyone's Tool Palettes, except mine! I can exit and restart and the palettes are there. The other users on the network can not see them at all. So--out of our 5 custom palettes--the 3 created in September work, but the 2 created in October do not.


Is there anything I can do to save my tool palettes? or do I need to start over?


Also having that strange problem where when I create a new palette, ACAD won't let drop any tools on it. Maybe this has something to do with my problem.


(Forum will not let me attach the atcs, else I would.)

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Yes. AutoCAD 2014 SP1, standard commercial. We didn't switch versions in the middle of building the palettes or anything.


We have 3 drafters in my office and 4 drafters in our other office 100 miles north of here. I'm the only one of the seven that can see the newer palettes.

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I was having similar issue. Turned out to be a network permissions error. My team couldn't 'see' the directory i was sharing in. So start with that.

I set up following -

A new directory on shared network example "palettes" Myself having read and WRITE permission to whole directory. My Team members having READ ONLY permission.

make sure your network admin activates the directory you create and apply these permissions. can't harm to reboot everyone aswell.


I then added this directory to my options: tool palette locations folder ABOVE the default c:\users one.

then add the directory to your team's palette location folder but this time BELOW their default palette location.


this should then mean it's all available to your team. They need to restart autocad in order to see anything new you make.

remember they will have to build their palettes using the manage tab - tool palettes button and menu as any groups you build wont go across. so it's a drag and drop exercise by your team members to get your palettes on to their machines. i'm not making much sense as it's friday beer o'clock here.



here' my thread below





i had the problem with not being able to create new palettes once...but that was on ADT and it was something to do with post share error...will try and rememberwhat i did to overcome.

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