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I have no actual AutoCAD training, so please forgive any made up terms on my part.


I am attempting to align my paperspace with the viewport in model space. My understanding of viewports is quite limited.


I select the alignment points in MODEL SPACE (upper right corner, lower left corner), the same points in PAPER SPACE, hit enter, and this happens:




The origin skews several degrees. What gives?


This very well may be entirely the wrong way of going about this...


Any help is very much appreciated.

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Just do a Mview in the layout pick the two corner pts then double click to go into the window then Z E this will show your model space at a zoom extents scale, you then set your plot scale. Ignore the model space two pts step.


It should be square if you need it rotated there is various ways to do it UCS, View Rotate model. If its skewed then you may have a ucs set go back to modelspace and do UCS S name in layout window UCS R name

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