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PGP file command aliases custom


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My company is switching to a 'miniframe' system for our network such as this: http://www.miniframe.com/KB/OnlineHelp/hardware_requirements.html


Basically there is one main computer handing the Autocad and we still have our own workstations. the problem is, I have my own custom commands in the acad.PGP file, and apparently, if I alter the command aliases, it will change for everyone else.


Is there a work around for this where I can have my own custom aliases WITHOUT affecting the rest of the company? or else I will have to use the standards which are terrible.

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You can't convince the powers-that-be to adopt your new and improved command aliases?


Maybe this holds the key to solving your problem.


"The first PGP file found in the AutoCAD-based product's support search paths is loaded, which are defined on the Files tab of the Options dialog box."


I translate that to mean there could be more than one acad.pgp. The first one AutoCAD comes across and loads is the winner.

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Believe me if I were being sarcastic you'd definitely know it.


First guy that crosses the finish line wins.


Take your custom acad.pgp file and put it in a folder on your root drive. Add the path to this folder at the very top of your support file search path. Test it. Does it work?

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ah! ok. gotcha, Thank you (= I will have to test it tomorrow when the system is in place (i am using someone else's computer today while they change the network over.

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