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AutoCad gives the message about error

Guest walterkalb

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Guest walterkalb

Good day!

At work last week damaged the server. Today it was restored, but when you open an AutoCad file that lay on the network, gives the message «Drawing file is not valid». Before it is said that this file or is used, or only for reading. The file is not zero. Has the same size, as before crash of the server. I tried the command recover, drawingrecovery, insert. AutoCad 2008 version.

Very much I ask to help! it is a pity for the whole month of work!

Thanks in advance!

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As you post to different AutoCAD help forums you change your story ever so slightly. What gives? First you were using AutoCAD 2000, at another forum it was 2004, now your profile here says 2008. First it was a single drawing now it is an entire server drive of drawing files. Even the messages you are getting or lack thereof changes from forum to forum. Can we get one consistent explanation of what happened across the board at all the different forums you have posted to? With the different versions of your question floating around I am have trouble believing you. Want to try again?


BTW...in every other forum you have posted your question and received a reply (or replies) you have not responded one way or the other. Again, it makes me suspicious.


If you truly have a problem with a corrupted file the topic has been discussed here numerous times and those threads contain multiple suggestions on how to go about fixing the problem (assuming it can be fixed). Did you do a search here? Did you check similar threads listed below?


A hard drive crashing on a server sounds pretty severe. Isn't there a RAID system or at the very least a daily backup made by your IT department? What do they have to say about the problem?

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Guest johnstewart497

If Your file opens without any errors, but part of the drawing's objects or all the objects are gone, and You are absolutely sure that it is not deleted them, then this most likely indicates the presence of the error file. It is necessary to execute verification of the drawing:

File -> Utilities -> Audit, either type in the command prompt: _.audit

On request: "to Fix any errors detected?" must be answered "_Y". When the operation is completed (usually not more than 10 seconds) at the command prompt displays the log of test and the number of all found and fixed errors. Next, for display on the screen of changes, it is necessary to perform regeneration:

View -> Regen all at the command prompt: _.regenall


I recommend to go to this source and to find tips which will help to restore the file

***Link Removed***

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I suspect that the person who posted the original question and the one who posted the reply are the same. Virtually the same trick was played at another AutoCAD help website.


I've reported this thread.

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I have banned them both and removed the link that was posted.


I did a search and found the same question posted by walterkalb on several different forums and the same reply posted by RichardPark, aka johnstewart497. I also found walterkalb's IP address listed several times in the spammer database. I believe this to be nothing more than spam.

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