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Insert Block on multiple text object insertion points.


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So heres the deal....


I work for a big company and we have this multi-million dollar project I'm currently working with.


My situation is that I have survey data imported into my drawing, these points come in as text objects with their insertion point being the co-ordinates of the respective point, this is done using a custom command.


I also have a directory of blocks that are used to represent various different survey related symbols.


Right now the process I must go through to get the symbols onto their proper point is to manually search out each point and inset the block ref manually onto the point. Doing this for thousands of points will be far too time consuming.


Im trying to find a LISP routine that will allow me to pick which block I wish to insert, then allow me to specify the numerical point range or individual points to insert that block on.


Attached is a screencap of the text points and the blocks shown beside them.


Essentially I have a whole lot of points and a whole lot of symbols to put on them, but different points and point ranges need different symbols.


Any insight would be great, I'd attempt to write a routine myself, but time constraints prevent me from working on it with th deadlines we have in place.


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Do you have more info on the point data maybe a csv file with P,E,N,Z,D it is easy then to use the D description to assign a block. You save you have to look it up what data are you looking up maybe P,D point description can use again to do automatically. Please post what you have, who created the text dwg ? Can you get more info from them.

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