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Filllet & Chamfer Problem

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Fillet and chamfer quit working properly. When I try to join 2 lines that are perpendicular nothing happens. The texts on the command line are what they always were with no error messages and ends up with the usual "Command:" after I am done.



If I put a distance into the chamfer command it will draw the appropriate chamfer but it will not extend or trim the lines that I am trying to chamfer. It does the same if I enter a diameter into the fillet command. I draws the fillet but the original lines are unchanged.



What have I done wrong?

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Welcome to CADTutor. :)


It sounds to me like the lines may not be coplanar, perhaps their Z elevations are different?


They may appear to be parallel from plan view, but not be, try an isometric view for a better perspective.

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Initiate the Chamfer command and select the "Trim" option at the command line and make sure it is in fact set to "Trim". It sounds like yours is set to "No Trim". Same goes for the Fillet command. Make sure it's set to "Trim".

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