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Looking for specific Drafting Software


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Hi I am looking for something that does proffesional drafting and can import an australian library of plants/walls/windows/roof(colorbond,etc) or already has one.

Also it must have a 3d feature, andreferencegrid.jpg

have this ruler reference feature or scale as it were that quickcad has.

Also have plan tracing/floor tracing option and can do A3, it should draw lines and eclipses and stuff like that.


I really appreciate your help thank you.

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Why don't you just used plain AutoCAD? You don't need a ruler reference. You can enable both Grid and Snap and set the increments to your liking. As for floor plan tracing use the IMAGEATTACH or PDFATTACH commands to bring in images or PDF's then trace over them.


The other option is to wait until I write the remaining one million lines of code for the exact program you described. I should be done in another year. Leave a number where I can contact you. I'll call when I've finished.

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Sorry Robthegreek, here in Australia we think we are the biggest in the world when in reallity we constitute say around 2% of the CAD consumer market compared to the rest of the world so why would someone suddenly do a Colorbond profile for every one of their products and put it out there as a here is the Aussie package ? I have been around long enough to know if you do a bit of homework you will probably find everything you want to use in say Autocad. Making a profile roof sheet is not that hard do you really need it though a flat panel representing the roof will probably do for the builder. In finishing there are plenty of products available ready to use just Google. Did you google "Colorbond & Autocad" "Caroma & Autocad" "BLUE STEEL & Autocad"


PS have a look at REVIT.

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