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Need help simplifying my work with macros/custom commands


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I'm looking for some help writing macros and making custom commands with AutoCAD LT 2016. I remember learning this in college and have since tried following guides on the internet and it seems a little more complex than I remember.


I often use "-dimstyle, enter, enter, enter, select dimension" to make the selected dimension the current style (I switch between drawings often when noting a design package). I've gone through the CUI a few times with little success trying to get a macro to do this.


Can someone let me know how to make a custom command or an icon to do this for me.


Thank you!

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Search here for Steven-g he has posted lots of macros for LT these will show you how to make your own, save them via notepad into a .mnu file using these 4 lines 1st then Menuload.


your macros go here

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