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Annotations or Leader lines?

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I have a job where all i have to do is valve tagging. I was hoping someone could chime in and tell me what the their best practice would be for this.


When you using vanilla autocad I would just use the LE command.


It has been a little while since I have worked on a major project, and have more vanilla autocad experience than I do MEP.




I just took a look at youtube. I asked the question a little early. Tool pallets>tags and schedules> highlight all valves> relocate positions with grips. Does this practice sound like the correct direction?

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hertz hound

That is it.

Tag the first valve, then type M for multiple, then make a selection box around the entire drawing and hit enter. The tags will be place in the same location as the first tag away from the origin of the valve block on all the rest. So try and place the first one in a spot that you want al the rest to be placed. The tag will filter all the other objects out that the tag does not "applies to".

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