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Scaling Lisp routine error


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First time poster so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake here. If I need to add more info please let me know as well. I'm trying to learn AutoLISP and I'm stuck on this Lisp Routine that I'm trying to write:



;* C:BSCALE changes the X, Y, and/or Z values of existing blocks without

;* affecting properties or attributes. It uses the DXF and UREAL functions,

;* which must be loaded.

(defun C:BSCALE ( / en ed old41 old42 old43 new41 new42 new43)

(if (and (setq en (entsel "\nSelect block to rescale: ")) ;get the block

(= (dxf 0 (setq ed (entget (car en)))) "INSERT") ;test if an insert


(entmod ;update entity

(setq old41 (dxf 41 ed) ;extract old X

old42 (dxf 42 ed) ;old Y

old43 (dxf 43 ed) ;old Z

new41 (ureal 1 "" "X scale factor " old41) ;prompt for new X

new42 (ureal 1 "" "Y scale factor " old42) ;new Y

new43 (ureal 1 "" "Z scale factor " old43) ;new Z

;change data in entity list

ed (subst (cons 41 new41) (cons 41 old41) ed) ;change X

ed (subst (cons 42 new42) (cons 42 old42) ed) ;change Y

ed (subst (cons 43 new43) (cons 43 old43) ed) ;change Z

) ;setq returns ed



(princ) ;end cleanly






When I run the lisp routine I get the error message: no function definition: SETQMSG. The lisp routines DXF and UREAL work fine on their own, but I can post them up as well if it would help. If you guys could tell me why I'm getting this error message and how I can fix it, I would appreciate it.

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Just having 1 setq for lots of lines is probably where the problem is move your questions new41 to before the entmod maybe.


Just me use VL pick object etc then (vla-put-XScalefactor obj new41)


Post ureal defun as well.

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Thanks for responding. Sorry I am so late in replying. Was a busy day at work. I was in the process of putting the UREAL defun on here when I saw the error within it. I'm a newb. Anyway, problem solved. Thanks for your help. :)

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