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AEC Objects research

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Im using vanilla autoad 2010. As most of us, we get drawings from external consultant of other disciplines. Since they might use vertical product and we use vanilla autocad, AEC are not quiet welcome by vanilla.

Browsing the net for AEC results questions about" how to remove them from the drawing", I couldn’t find the real reason for that, the only indication of one wants to remove the AEC objects came from my experience, problems are always occur during work with drawing containing AEC until they are exploded.


The symptoms might be:


• failure of copy paste mechanism

• Long autosaves

• Increase file size

• Longer startup loading time of drawings

• Autocad crashes


TrurView solve this problem with Exploded AEC profile , and AEC poses no problem anymore for any drawing set.

But I really want to know why AEC , with its corresponding object enablers loaded ,still have this bad reputation. What really happened backstage when AEC objects are present within the drawing?




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