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LISP required to get the coordinate of closed poly-line with the Text inside,pls

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Hi All,


We need custom program to extract coordinates from a multiple closed Polyline and the text available within the closed polyline.


Sample drawing and required output (CSV file) based on the sample DWG is attached herewith for your clairity.


Layer Object text (inside closed LWPolyline) X Y Point Sequence ID

GT A-2 777172.4118 1423202.517 1

GT A-2 777218.4799 1423183.83 2

GT A-2 777235.9027 1423204.867 3

GT A-2 777219.6528 1423222.651 4

GT A-2 777218.2661 1423238.164 5

GT A-2 777180.8984 1423247.552 6

GT A-2 777180.8984 1423247.552 7

GT A-1 778285.3887 1423313.596 1

GT A-1 778254.2817 1423276.652 2

GT A-1 778244.7419 1423286.485 3

GT A-1 778176.4636 1423300.62 4

GT A-1 778122.1146 1423273.971 5

GT A-1 778096.5814 1423246.32 6





We have browsed many posts, but couldn't find the one matches with the above requirements. Please help if any LISP or V-LISP or VBA tool available to get it in the above desired form.


Thank you so much in advance




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