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Convert multi-line MTEXT into CAD table with multiple cells

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Is there a command or a .lsp that converts individual lines within a single MTEXT object into a CAD table with rows and columns? Unfortunately, Excel is not installed locally on my computer, so I cannot do a DATALINK. In Excel, I select and copy the cells to the clipboard. In AutoCAD, I PASTESPEC as text or unicode text. It appears as a single MTEXT.



BLOCK 1 1 5770.67

BLOCK 1 2 5300.01

BLOCK 1 3 5336.69

BLOCK 1 4 5280.00

BLOCK 1 5 5280.00

BLOCK 1 6 5280.00

BLOCK 1 7 5280.00

BLOCK 1 8 5280.00


How do I convert this into a table in AutoCAD with cells and rows? I do not want to export back to Excel if I can avoid it.



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I posted a quick example of creating a table a few days ago the placement of the table values would be a read-line lisp to read the data file, breaking into columns look at http://www.Lee-mac.com I know he has a line read to a list (block 1 1 5770) which the example I posted uses.



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