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Lisp Routine HELP! Can't append Xrecord dictionary to an Entity


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Sorry I'm pretty new to Xdata, Xrecords & dictionaries and I got some code from "AfraLisp website and I'm trying to modify it to work for what i need. I'm going to store multiple "Part" dictionary information in Xrecords. Then I want to append these dictionaries to an entity (below only shows one dictionary, but in the future I will have "PartL1, PartL2, PartL3" that will all be applied to one entity). Then down the road I will make a lisp that will change the values for the "PartNum" "QTY" & "Spacing" for each.


The problem is I can't get the Xrecord dictionary to append to the entity's dictionary. Everything works fine until I get to this line of code:

(dictadd ent "PartL1" adict)


I don't know if i have the formating correct or I'm referencing this incorrectly. Please help, i've done research and I can't get past this.



(defun c:applyassem (/ vars varlist)

 ;;retrieve XRecord "PartL1" from dictionary "WSI_DICT"
 ;;which in turn calls both functions below
 (setq vars (get-or-make-Xrecord))

 ;;get dictionary were "PartL1" is stored
 (setq adict (cdr (car (dictsearch (namedobjdict) "WSI_DICT"))))

 ;;get entity to app
 (setq ent (car (entsel)))

 (dictadd ent "PartL1" adict)


(defun get-or-create-Dict (/ adict)

 ;;test if "WSI_DICT" is already present in the main dictionary
 (if (not (setq adict (dictsearch (namedobjdict) "WSI_DICT")))

   ;;if not present then create a new one and set the main dictionary as owner
     (setq adict (entmakex '((0 . "DICTIONARY")(100 . "AcDbDictionary"))))

     ;;if succesfully created, add it to the main dictionary
     (if adict (setq adict (dictadd (namedobjdict) "WSI_DICT" adict)))

   ;;if present then just return its entity name
   (setq adict (cdr (assoc -1 adict)))

(defun get-or-make-Xrecord(/ adict anXrec)


   ;;first get our dictionary. make here in case it doesn't exit
   ((setq adict (get-or-create-Dict))


      ;;if "WSI_DICT" is now valid then look for "PartL1" Xrecord
      ((not (setq anXrec (dictsearch adict "PartL1")))

;;if "PartL1" was not found then create it
(setq anXrec (entmakex '((0 . "XRECORD")
			 (100 . "AcDbXrecord")
			 (7 . "PART#")		;will be part number
			 (90 . 1) 		;will be default qty of part
			 (91 . 16)		;will be spacing in inches
      );setq anXrec

;;if creation succeeded then add it to our dictionary
(if anXrec (setq anXrec (dictadd adict "PartL1" anXrec)))

      ;;if it's already present then just return its entity name
      (setq anXrec
(cdr (assoc -1(dictsearch adict "PartL1")))
);setq anxrex


    );setq adict



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Or to make it simpler, how can I get this code to work:


(defun c:assemapply (/ ent xname datalist)
 (setq ent (car (entsel)))

 (setq datalist (append (list '(0 . "XRECORD")
			 '(100 . "AcDbXrecord"))
			 '((1 . "PartL1") (7 . "PART#") (90 . 1) (91 . 16))))
 (setq xname (entmakex datalist))

 (dictadd ent "PartL1" xname)

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