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Open AutoCAD from Word and export drawing to wmf


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I am in the process of developing a Word template to consolidate the design calculations into one document. The design software we use creates dxf files. I am trying to open specific drawings, as determined by the user, and convert them to wmf so they can be imported into the word template. The following code is what I have for the export. I have added comments in blue to explain my concerns. Note that the following code is only for exporting the drawing and is being run from word.


Sub Convert_3DBuild()

Dim iRow As Integer

Dim AcadApp As Object

Dim SS 'As AcadSelectionSet
Word does not let me declare this variable which is why it is commented out.



On Error Resume Next

Set AcadApp = GetObject(, "AutoCAD.Application")

If Err.Number 0 Then

Set AcadApp = CreateObject("AutoCAD.Application")

End If

AcadApp.Visible = True


AcadApp.Documents.Open ("C:\drawing.dxf")


Set SS = AcadApp.ActiveDocument.SelectionSets.Add("SS")

Set SS = Nothing '
AutoCAD help states that if the selection set is Nothing, the entire drawing will be selected, but it does not seem to be the case here.



AcadApp.ActiveDocument.Export "C:\drawing", "WMF", SS

' because SS is not recognized by AutoCAD as a selection set, AutoCAD waits for the user to select the parts before continuing.

' The selection needs to be automatic


AcadApp.ActiveDocument.Close savechanges:=False

' If AcadApp.Documents.Count = 1 Then

' AcadApp.ActiveDocument.sendcommand "Exit" & vbCr

is there a way to exit AutoCAD with out using SendCommand which again requires user interaction to select not to save changes to a blank drawing?


' End If

Set AcadApp = Nothing

End Sub

I am open to other methods to accomplish the same task.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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