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Testing via Virtualization

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I need to test on OSs that I no longer have available. What are the Virtual Machine options? Searches have implied that Hyper-V is a no go. Is Citrix the only way?


What advantages does a ADN Standard membership offer in this regard?


The life of an amateur developer keeps getting more complex.:geek:


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I use Client Hyper-V exclusively, so not sure why it was implied as a no-go.


Win8.1 Pro has Client Hyper-V built-in, but is not an installed feature OOTB - simply hit Ctrl+X on the keyboard, select Programs and Features menu item, in the Programs and Features dialog select Turn Windows Features on or Off link to left. In the Windows Features dialog, check the Hyper-V box, and hit OK button. :thumbsup:


Client Hyper-V behaves / performs just as Hyper-V on Windows Server - in fact with the right Active Directory account permissions, you can manage your Server's VMs from your workstation (the Client), which is what I do for work.


In any event, Client Hyper-V makes it really easy to create and manage VMs.



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Alright, that's interesting. And good to hear, in that I devoted some time yesterday getting Hyper-V up and running on my 8.1 desktop.


I searched the Installation and Licensing section at the Autodesk forums and most of the hits suggested that Hyper-V was not supported.


I'll continue on and see where it get me.

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We have Citrix 100's on network they have as I call them BIBLES basicly a network card and graphics, it really relies on how much grunt your server has, we have a Fibre optic backbone a must. Apart from that the numbers probably influence. We moan some days as it crawls. Autocad is reported as supported need to do a bit of searching , we run a Autocad viewer with no problems. We just run Citrix as another program on our pc's with a different suite of internal programs. Thats about the limit though of my knowledge. If you have some questions may be able to get one of the IT guys to help PM me.

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Hi BigAl. Citrix sounds like the best Autodesk supported VM, but I don't have access to that.


Essentially, I need to have access to more OSs than I have computers. Setting up Virtual Machines may be overkill for my needs - I may be better off just setting up the systems as dual boot. The virtual machine option does seem rather appealing, though. Wouldn't hurt to advance my IT knowledge in the process.

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