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2007 resets UCSFOLLOW to 0

Tim M

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Hi Guys


This is my first post. I am running Autocad 2007 (not a pirate version) and it has a few little quirks. The one that absolutely drives me nuts is that it keeps on resetting my UCSFOLLOW variable. I normally set this to 1 so that I can rotate it to selected objects flip it around and align things to my hearts content (sections, elevations, etc).


I've opened up a drawing, set it to 1 and it works fine in modelspace. If I jump in to paper space and then back in to model the variable is reset to 0. If I set it in a drawing (in modelspace) then close the file and open it at a later date the variable is reset to 0. This is really giving me the irits, what is the solution. I looked in the associated UCS setvariables and it doesn't look like their is anything new there.


I've got around the problem by saving the rotated UCS's as views that I can call up again regardless of the UCSFOLLOW variable but that seems like an ass-backwards way of doing things.


Has anyone else had this problem and how have they solved it?

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I sent of an email to Autodesk help and received this reply:

This is already a known issue and was sent to our developer. At this time our development team is unable to address the issue you encountered. However, this Service Request will remain open as our development team reviews this issue for possible inclusion in a future release.

I attached a LSP code that will set UCSFOLLOW to 1 in ALL drawings as they are opened. You should exercise care when implementing this because it will affect all drawings.”

I hope that they fix it for Acad 2008! Bear this in mind when you are negotiating a fair price for Acad 2007.

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i have settled for this button, which toggles ucsfollow variable (courtesy of sinc @ the swamp)


^C^C(setvar "ucsfollow" (- 1 (getvar "ucsfollow")))

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