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Hello all, I tried looking this up and did not quite find what I needed. I have hundred of rooms that I have created closed polylines. The rooms also have single line text with the room number.


I want to link each space in the floor plan to an Excel spreadsheet. Each space will need to have an identifier – e.g. room number – in its properties and in its corresponding record on the spreadsheet. I’m dealing with a lot of rooms, so I’d rather not have to number each space in manually.


All of the rooms on the floor plan in the dwg file are polylined and all of the polylines are on the same layer of the dwg file. This layer contains nothing but the polylines. I also have another layer that has room numbers for each polylined room. The only thing on this layer are the room numbers as mtext objects.

The mtext objects aren’t linked to their respective polylines, after I run DATAEXTRACTION


Is there a way to associate a room number with each polyline in AutoCad?



Can I store the room number in AutoCad as xdata associated with each polyline and somehow have it recognize it as a property of each space?


Is there any way to create a custom property for polylines in AutoCad that the room number can be stored in?

I'm using AutoCAD 2015.

Thank all in advance

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Welcome to CADTutor artrain. :)


If you are unfamiliar with Lee Mac's fine work and website, try this




Just one of a great many wonderful lisps very generously made available to the global cad community on his site.


Thanks Lee! :beer:


He has a fair number which are based around Areas as well as Polylines.


If this one is not the one, no doubt a few minutes spent searching on his site will find one that will do what you want.

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I did stumble across his site from some other post from the good folks on this site. I think I may have located one that will be effective, keep you updated and thanks for the response.

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