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Exporting object locations to csv


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I am trying to export the location of an object to a csv/excel file.


To explain further I have a 2D site layout with multiple instances of the same object (sensors) and I want to be able to export their locations to provide accurate data for our installation teams. I do understand that the location data is only as good as the drawing but the actual process has got me a little stumped...


Any help would be very much appreciated!



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The sensor is a drawing block, however I was proposing to add a dot to the object on a separate layer so that a pin point location could be gained.

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Well you didn't exactly answer the part about X,Y coordinate but assuming that's what you want I can think of two ways to obtain the information.


1. AutoCAD's own DataExtraction Wizard. Described in your AutoCAD Help file.


2. Lee Mac's custom lisp routine called Point Manager. Described here...http://lee-mac.com/ptmanager.html

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Thanks - you are correct that the X Y co-ordinates are what I'm after.


The DataExtraction Wizard didn't quite do what I wanted but lisp routine is excellent!


Thank you so much for your (exetremely) speedy help :D

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