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Absolute and relative CS

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hey there I suppouse my problem is not a problem for most of You guys and You probably going to bust a gut laughing anyway I have to ask:):)I use Autocad 2008 and I don't know why but it wants to automatically draw everything in relative coordinate system, for example if I want to draw a line which has its origin in 0,0 and ends in -2,1 he does it without any problems but than when from point -2,1 i want to draw a line to 3,4 he automatically adds "@" in front of it I mean @3,4 which is not what I wanted to. I don't know where to change it. I would be appreciate if You could help me out!! thanks

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The answer to your dilemma can be found here:




Page down to the heading Dynamic Input - Why Won't It Move. See the screen shot? Good. Count down about 16 lines below it until you see the "#" sign. That's the spot. Start reading. Let me know if it works for you. Good luck.

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