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osnap to a wipeout


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is there any way to get the osnap to stop finding ends of a wipeout?

I have a tag that I use with labels to show a material. because of the tight quarters of sections at times I added a wipeout behind the attribute. the frame around the 'tag' has semi-circles at the ends and it is a polyline. as you know wipeouts don't work with curved polylines so I had to create a new polyline behind the curved polyline with a ton of endpoints so it followed the curve as best as possible. now when I insert the 'tag' and add a leader it snaps to every point that I created with the wipeout polyline. the frame for the wipeout if off and it is still grabbing any point that it finds (except what I am looking for).

so is there anything I can do?

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I hadn't thought of that.

I just went in the block and tried that. it does not work when I freeze the layer the wipeout disappears.

any other ideas?

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Another idea would be to scrap the WIPEOUT altogether. We have a policy in place to never use WIPEOUT's for any reason whatsoever. A Wipeout is an archaic tool that has issues, and since it's a raster object it's hard to control and severely bloats the file. Instead we opt for a Solid Hatch pattern that has a True Color value set to 255,255,255, which is "true white", but any output process (printer, PDF, TIFF, etc) simply creates a "voided" white space for the area since printers don't have white ink. PDF plot drivers mimic this as well. You would have to use Draw Order on some things when in use, as you would with a Wipeout.

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we opt for a Solid Hatch pattern that has a True Color value set to 255,255,255, which is "true white".


Same here. I stopped using Wipeout's a few years ago. I always had problems with them printing solid black on some printers. A solid hatch set to true white seems to work on all printers.

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