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Hello again, Im working on the structural project 5 plate 6. the only thing Im having trouble with is the scaling. Maybe I didn't do it right on the other plates.

In the beginning of the instructions we have to draw up an 11" x 17" title block which will be used for the plates.The instructions say to enlarge the title block or scale up the title block to use around the drawings. And then on the plate specify what the scale is.

My question is this. I know in model space everything is drawn 1:1, Im not clear as to how to scale the title block, and in plate 6, the scale is 1/2":1'. Does the drawing change to that scale when I change it? Or is it just the dimensions that are changed?

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You are going to use the SCALE command to enlarge the 11x17 to fit around the drawing. Since the designated scale happens to be 1/2"=1'-0" then the scale factor will be 24. You are NOT scaling what you have already drawn...just the title block and border. Understand?

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