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Dynamic Block Text Visibility


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Hello, I am trying to create a dynamic block that shows a spiral conveyor in several different configurations. I have text that needs to be able to be turned off and on. I had it working until I added a flip function. Now the text won't turn off and you have to select the "Angle" twice to get it to change to the next configuration. I have "LookUps" for the angle and direction, and for the text visibility. I've tried every configuration I can think of. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions? I've included the file.

Spiral - 19.5'' BF Ascending.dwg

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I think you're having a couple of issues:

1 - There seems to be a problem with the "text/no text" lookup selector not showing up. Hopefully this is just a case of working through and making sure it's visibility is set correctly.

2 - You're trying to set the "flip" property through visibility states/lookup rather than through the flip action. When you look at the, for example, 0%%d and 0%%d flipped view states in the editor they look the same.. I would suggest your first check should be to remove the options for flipped/not flipped in the angle lookup and activate the flip action grip itself.



Good luck, I've been discovering recently that Dynamic block can be a lot of "fun" in a challenging sort of way!!




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The "Text/No Text" selector shows up if you choose the angle twice. Not quite understanding that one. I ended up simplifying it per your suggestion. I just have the flip action control the direction. It would have been nice to include it in a lookup, but I just can't figure it out. Thanks for your help.

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