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(Northing, Easting) to (Easting, Northing)


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We've just purchased a new GPS system and are working out various kinks, one of which being that the default logging and point exporting format creates .dwg files with coordinates recorded as (Northing, Easting). Is there a simple way to translate an entire .dwg consisting of text, points, and lines to (Easting, Northing)? Hopefully I'm not forgetting some very, very obvious solution!

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Mirror twice but watch out for Z's west-east then north to south.


Happens with survey jiggers set it up and flip telescope mirrors the survey.

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To change a drawing drawn with Eastings as Northings and Northings as Eastings, draw a line from 0,0 and at 45 degrees. Mirror about this line, and the coordinates keep the proper values. Text needs to be rotated 90 degrees. This only works for lines drawn at zero Z. I hope you have set it up correctly for next time!

Swop EN to NE.PNG

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