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Exporting Setting

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I am on 2015 LT and have solid settings.


I have someone who would like the same settings and is setting up on 2017 LT. Sadly we cannot move 2015 settings to 2017 settings.


Can we put the 2015 LT free trial on his computer, add the settings and then upgrade the 2015 LT version to 2017 while still in free trial mode?

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As @ReMark said, what settings are we talking about?


It's always better to spend the time to set stuff up manually, as opposed to using the "migration" tools from Autodesk, because they always seem to "migrate" all the bad stuff you don't want too (i.e. "recent" paths to non-existent files, etc.)

With LT, since you can't use lisp, you may be able to script (or menu macro) some settings.

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