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Creo for Solidworks Users?

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I've been using Solidworks for several years now and am about to start on a project that is Creo 2.0 specific.

I am starting at square one. Software and no training... :?

Are there any websites comparable to this one that are specific to Creo where one can ask questions and have knowledgeable people answer questions...?


I wish there was a Creo forum on here!


Anyway..can anyone point me to any good websites/blogs/forums where I can ask questions?


I wish there was a book "Creo for Solidworks Users"

Maybe if I get to the point where my Creo chops are pretty good I can write one! I'm sure there is a market for it.. however small. :P

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Thanks I will check it out...


Really want to find an active community with helpful users.

When you need an answer to a specific question/problem.


Looking online, doesn't seem to be anywhere that comes even close to this site.... ;-\

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I'm taking a class on Creo for my degree, and I have to say that this program SUCKS! I'm almost done with the semester and I still haven't seen one benefit of using this program over any other program I've used in the past.


That said, if you want my Creo book, I'll let you have it for a steal. If you're good with SolidWorks, you shouldn't have any problem working through the book. It does go in good enough detail to make it through the models.


If you want it, it's yours, just PM me.

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I have learned this..


If you compare Creo to Solidworks, you are going to hate it.

(I am surrounded by guys like that)

If you approach it as a software program to be learned, and learn it without comparing it,

it's not bad. It actually has some cool features.

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