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Rename current open file


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Hello, guys!

I need a lisp to rename the current open file. I already have a routine that takes the current file name and creates a string with the new file name (Just six numbers in the old name needs to change)... But I coudn't change the old name for the new name. I've tried to use the (Vl-File-Rename), but I think that i didn't use it right.... Here's go the code:


(defun C:changename (n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6)


(setq new_number (strcat (itoa n1)

(itoa n2)

(itoa n3)

(itoa n4)

(itoa n5)

(itoa n6)))


(setq old_name (strcat (getvar "DWGPREFIX") (getvar "DWGNAME")))


(setq size (strlen old_name))


(setq final (- size 18 )) ;


(setq start_name (substr old_name 1 final ))


(setq end_name (substr old_name (+ final 7) (- size final)))


(setq new_name (strcat start_name new_number end_name))


(alert old_name)


(alert new_name)


(vl-file-rename old_name new_name)


); end defun



The old name is: D:\Profiles\s-Andre.Almeida\Desktop\Autocad\3-157941-012-005.dwg


The new name, for example, could be: D:\Profiles\s-Andre.Almeida\Desktop\Autocad\3-666666-012-005.dwg


I just need to change the names with the (vl-file-rename)


could someone help me?

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Here :


(setq end_name (substr old_name (+ final 7) (- size final)))



(- size final) is sufficient... You could just use :


(setq end_name (substr old_name (+ final 7)))

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