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accoreconsole issues with simple lisp scr file


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This is my first question to post so please bear with me. I have read several forum posts and howtos on the internet about using the accoreconsole to create pdf files from autoCAD dwg files. I have created an src file that searches the drawing file for some information ( sheet size, revision number, etc) and then calls the plot function. I have the src file working and I can actually generate a pdf file. However, I have two issues. The first one is the speed of the accoreconsole. When the accoreconsole is called the resulting window shows tons of lines scrolling like it's echoing the commands many, many times. The scr file does create a log file of the drawing it's opening and the parameters that it's read from the drawing so I expect some latency for file writes,etc but the src file takes about 60 seconds to create the pdf file. If I take the same lisp commands and paste them in the autoCAD commandline the pdf is generated in about 5 seconds. I have seen posts of users that have the same problem but they were not using straight vanilla LISP.

The other problem is when the accoreconsole is called with the scr file in the same directory as the dwg file everything works but if the scr file is somewhere else then the accoreconsole errors, even if the full path to the scr file is given. I had this working (but still running slow) in AutoCAD 2014. My company recently upgraded to AutoCAD 2017 which is when the full path to the scr file quit working. Does anyone have any ideas??

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Not sure with mechanical but if you can use a normal Autocad script open the dwg and load a lisp that does the plot pdf part it should be like you say less than 5 sec per layout.


I plot say 20+ pdf's in one go and takes about 2 secs per layout tab. I am guessing thats what your doing.


a script I would use for plotting all layout tabs in multiple dwgss

open dwg1 (load "plotpdfall") close N
open dwg2 (load "plotpdfall") close N
open dwg3 (load "plotpdfall") close N


You need to post your script

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