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How to close this geometry?


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Can you please help me with closing this geometry?


I have tried to sweep the horizontal curve to the vertical curve (marked red arrow) but it doesn't close it - or makes it as smooth as i want to.


Any help is appreciated :)



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I don't use Rhino but that type of geometry you would typically want to do a "patch". Rhino should have that tool. The problem is no matter how you try and sweep or loft that shape you will have some variation of degenerate point. If the line you point to is a true mirror line you are better off doing half of it BUT you still have a degenerate point. By that i mean that your Start and End profiles for whatever tool you use share at least one point. You take what wants to be a 4 sided patch(like the rest of your surfaces) and squish one edge into a point it "pinches" it.

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