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Surface - replace Block with Point


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I have a drawing with mixed points and blocks. Area is huge and I really can't work. I have an idea to replace all the blocks with points, hope it will reduce a bit size of the drawing.

Could you help me with that? Uncle Google couldn't help me with it unfortunately...


Simply - have to replace large ammount of blocks (two lines crossed with level in the central point) with points.


Many thanks!

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If the blocks are replaced with points how then do you distinguish one point from the other?


Is it the drawing file size that is preventing you from working or just the sheer volume of points/blocks?

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I need it to prepare the surface in Civil 3D. All what I need to have is 3 dimensions, block has additional information as it has two lines. With almost 300k blocks it makes a big difference how heavy is the file.


So I don't need to distinguish anything else than these 3 dimensions X, Y, Z.

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Block as a block is heavier than a single point. It's some solution (don't need to be rude mate), but it could be nice to have a proper solution for it.

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Then perhaps a lisp routine would be what you're looking for. Is the insertion point of the block the intersection of the two lines? One possible lisp solution here...




Or you could either of these two solutions as posted by "Murph" over at the AutoCAD Discussion Group.


"Do a report query or a dataextract and create a .txt file with the coordinates of the blocks then use that .txt file to import points. Another way would be to export the points to SHP format then import them as points. To erase the current blocks use the Quick select command."

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By the "mate" are you using Civilcad or Magnet ? Can help have something, sounds like "Point_cross" problem. How many points we have 35,000 + in one dwg.


Ps keep every one happy you 3 posts Remark ~= 45,000+ its a choice to answer posts.

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