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ARRAY & ARRAYPATH in macro or script not the same as in command line


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I'm trying to write either a script or a macro to make it easier to do an array that we will need to replicate on a regular basis. Basically, I want a path array to offset mtext every 20m along a centreline.



If I do this in the command line, it's fine:


select object

PA [path]

select path curve

M [method]

M [measure]

I [item]

20 [distance apart]

F [fill length of path]

A [align to path]

Y [confirm]

X [exit]



If I do this in a script or macro, I encounter a difficulty in that the type of array is limited to polar or rectangular. It doesn't even register that path is an option.

If I try a similar thing using ARRAYPATH, the options that come up from the macro/script are totally different to the command line options.



Am I missing something, or is CAD just unhelpful on this? Running LT, so can't do LISPs

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