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David Bethel

Solid RGB Color

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David Bethel

New Years Greetings !


I'm trying to figure out a way to make a batch of solid color images based on:


  • file_name ( "BLK10000" )
  • format ( loseless "TGA" "BMP" or "TIF")
  • fixed size ( 1536,864 )
  • solid RGB color ( 0,128,64 )


I can get saveimg to work on the command line in some releases and render to work from the command line in others. But not both


I would make 60 or so of these at a time changing the RGB color with each image.


I want use these as a fading transition sequence between animation scenes.


My releases of Accurender do not work with Autocad releases that support truecolor.


I'm looking into photo shop programs as well to see if they can be automated somehow ( Maybe Irfanview batch file command line options )


Any ideas ? -David

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Autocad could be used for this but I'm thinking there are easier ways.


Xnview is a free program that has image editing options.

There are options to extract a specific color channel from an RGB image as well as options to swap RGB for BRG, GBR, etc.. which can have some interesting effects and you could fade between those.


There are options. One idea is to create an animated GIF image with a series of slides in sequence and use that as a background in your video editing software or if you want the colors to be random you could program a gif file that continuously plays a random sequence of each tile.


Another option might be to create this in powerpoint as an automated slideshow and then "save as" a gif, mpeg, etc (I tested it and these options are available). You would then use that in your sequence and apply additional timing/effects as needed. It all depends what you're shooting for.


I saw noone had responded and thought I would try and help.



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