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JPEG Xrefs as Overlay vs Attachment?


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Hi all!


So, lets say I have drawing "A" as an xref in drawing "B". I then want to xref drawing "B" in drawing "C". If I don't want "A" to show up in "C", I simply make sure that it's an overlay not an attachment in "B". All good.


Now let's say that there are also a bunch of pictures (jpeg files) xref'd into "B". If I don't want these showing up in "C", there doesn't appear to be the option to make them overlays like with dwg files.


So, is it possible to xref a drawing that has xref'd images without pulling those along too?



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Yes, and sorry I should have mentioned that. While that is an obvious and relatively pain-free work around, I'd like them to not show up at all. But you're right, I guess worst-case scenario, there's just a few more clicks.

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I thought of a LISP I use from our member alanjt:



It's a valuable part of my daily LISP routine library but I don't think it'll work with images. I'm going to post in that thread to request if this can be updated to include images and/other items. This may be a good solution too since you can simply Freeze the layer very quickly after running this LISP, and if this is normal workflow that can be embedded in a template, even better.



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