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Beta testing - batch printing PDF to different printers and plotters

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Created multilanguage version of the program for batch printing PDF to different printers.

We are looking for beta testers for testing.


You need:

- general inspection of the work program

- verification of language translation

- error search


Each tester receives a license to use the program for 1 year.

Get activation key - a private message on the forum or mail address of developer.

Discussion - forum, mail, skype.

Observe time zones.


Link program:



Load program:



Example of use:



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I dont wont to appear critical but I am not sure of huge success we have 2 printers 1 plotter and 5 preset plot sizes/colour etc we did have around 9 but replaced most with a plot range like using "Publish" if you want all enter 1 & 99 for a 5 layout dwg as example so long as range is greater will do all. A3 B-W, A3 PDF, A3 Colour, A1 Tiff, A1 colour. The pdf creates multiple or a single multi page using an extra free application. We are in a building of 5 floors we dont plot to the others floors unless printer is actually physically broken and that has happened.


Click on menu enter range and stand up and go to printer the Youtube looked awfully longwinded.

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Your youtube set to low quality. Install quality = 720


Or I do not understand or you do not understand purpose of the program. :beer:

Program prints PDF files.

Program allows you to automatically search within the PDF file pages of different sizes (A4, A3 ... A0 and non-standard), sort them by size and sent to the desired printer, printer tray is required, as well as with additional print options.

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My comment was based on we print 1 size at a time rather than mix and match say A3 & A1. 99% of ours are printed A3. We rarely do A2 and a would only do 1 set of A1's for contract purposes. Our volume is not very big.


I can see where your going with this in big organisations with hundreds of sheets to plot. It would have some advantages. The printer diagram clarifies the purpose of the program.


So wish you well with your project.

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