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Solidworks : How to Draft a L shape groove


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Hello, I'm facing an issue with the Draft feature in solidworks. Probably because I don't practice so much on this soft.

I do have a L that need to get a 5° angle draft to let the die get in and out.

Draft doesn't work as the direction have to be both horizontal and vertical at the same time to get a draft on all the walls.

Is there another tools to achieve this in solidworks

Thanks for your help.



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So you are saying the edges along the vertical walls need to be drafted in 5degrees as pulled from vertical, but also normal to them?


If that is true you can do this in 2 separate draft operations. You can use either the "Neutral Plane" option or the "Parting line" option.


If you needed it drafted in two different directions it would look like this.




If you need it to just be pulled from one direction it looks like this.




If you use the Draft Feature with the Neutral plane option, the selection process looks like this. The pink face is the pull direction. The blue faces are the faces to draft.



The Second draft selection looks like this. Again the Pull Direction is the pink face and the blue faces are ones to draft.



If you want to use the Parting Line option, the direction of pull selection is the same, but you select the "parting line" edges for faces you want to draft. There will be a yellow arrow that shows up from that edge pointing in the pull direction




There are many ways to do this manually as well if you need something a bit more complicated. Surfacing tools to trim or replace faces is one method.

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Thanks, so I do have a look again. The problem is that I don't want to draft in the lenght but I want to draft on the width as per the drawing thereafter. I can get the same result than you lenght wise but not on the other side.



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attachment.php?attachmentid=60750&cid=1&stc=1Hello, the first issues is still unsolve, but here is a second issu with the draft function.

Is there another way to create a draft as it is really annoying and time consuming to used the Draft feature on very basic shape?

Thanks for your advice


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I am having a little trouble understanding which direction you are drafting to. If you select the faces you want to draft and then thw direction it should work.


You can draft during the creation of features like Extrude. You can also manually make drafted facea and use "replace face"

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Thanks, I was thinking that such basic draft will work, but sounds like I need to used other technic. I will look for the Replace face for the first time. Thanks for your help.

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Attach your *.sldprt file here and end all doubt.

(if the original file is proprietary - you should be able to create a simple part that illustrates the geometry shown in your picture)

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