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System upgrade not by choice

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Recently I had to systematically replace all the components in my computer. It started out with my system crashing while I was playing a game. So I thought the issue was my power supply so I replaced that with a corsair 850 but that didn't fix it so I replaced my memory and everything seems good for awhile but then I started to crash again and not just while playing a game it was anytime I was on the computer just browsing. Then my video card would not display any video at all but since it was still under warranty I was able to replace it under an RMA. But the system still would crash and I was worried my video card would take another hit. Well I had to replace the motherboard and CPU and all was well for a while then my SSD died but instead of replacing it with the same kind of SSD I got an M2 drive which is a quarter of the size and uses just a tiny little smidgen of power but a lot more speed since I'm not sending data thru wires anymore. Out of all of this I was able to retain my license of Windows 10 thru my windows account. Now I have an even faster computer and an upgraded version of windows.

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All good things come to those who persevere. It was a tortuous path to get to where you are now. Why didn't you suspect a bad mobo from the start? How old was this system? I've had two systems over the years that experienced mobo problems so I am well aware of how frustrating they can be.

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