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Selecting objects with similar geometry


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Hello everyone,


The Selectsimilar is a great command, but I wonder if it is possible to somehow select objects with similar geometry. (not based on layer or color or etc...)


For instance: You select a rectang with a circle inside of it. Then the program would search for this particular pattern and then it will select all objects.


If anyone knows a way or if anyone can give me a hit, I would really apriciate it.

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The main idea here is to recognize the form of the object, and their relative position to each other, which is not a block object.

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Perhaps using filters? Otherwise, I don't know of any native AutoCAD commands that would select multiple objects based upon their relationship to each other. This might be solved via a custom lisp routine but for that you'll have to post a new thread in the proper forum asking for assistance in writing it.

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You could make up your own rules to define how to separate the geometry.

Like the relation (distance) between the rectangle's and circle's centroid.

Or how varies the size of the rectangle / circle's radius.. etc.


Assuming that you deal with exploded block geometry, you could get the "entities between", depending on their handles - using hexademical sorting and/or some magical subfunction from Lee Mac.

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Try this one.. works for some objects just fine, tolerance can be set



;; Select Objects with the same Area - Lee Mac

;; Highlights & grips all primary objects found in the current layout with the same area

;; subject to the specified tolerance.

;; http://www.cadtutor.net/forum/showthread.php?98055-Duplicate-polygons-TOTAL&p=669039&viewfull=1#post669039



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Have you looked at Group its like a fast way to make a block so make a rectang and circle then group them, you can copy etc only drawback is that all the shapes are identical. the only other way is to take the Pline "rectang=pline" and search inside it for objects like a circle.

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