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Light (mrOmni) passing through geometry (Viewport only)

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Hi All


I am completely stumped with this issue, even after finding many posts of people having similar problems.


I am producing some external night-time AVRs (for the first time) and so have populated the scheme with a bunch of mr omni lights to make it look inhabited. The problem I am having is that these lights seem to pass through the majority of the geometry, walls/floors etc, in my scene (viewport, not rendered yet).......Ok as I typed the not rendered part of that sentence I decided I should before wasting peoples time, low and behold it does not happen in the render, only the viewport.


Any ideas how I could rectify this or would that slow my machine to a crawl trying to recreate that within the viewport.


Many thanks



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It doesn't really matter what it looks like in the viewport. It's the final rendered image that matters, but having said that, what version of Studio Max are you using? I'm running 2016 and if I set the viewport display to "Realistic" I don't get any light passing through geometry. See below.


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