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Inserting a Table for quantities / volumes

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Hey, I am curious if there is a way to automatically store volumes or areas into a table in LT? I remember in a civil 3D course I took, it was very simple. Is this possible in LT or do I have to manually make a table and type in the numbers myself?



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There's not a lot of automatic anything in LT, I'm pretty sure that's what the DATAEXTRACT command does in full Autocad (not available in LT), LT can extract the values from attributed blocks, and attributes can hold fields that read the values for areas of polylines, this in turn can be taken into Excel to create a table, and then brought back into LT as an Excel data link, but it's a manual task at each step (learning macro's will speed it up - and bring quite a bit of automation), but the quick answer is no, if you really want to have that sort of ability then try and convince whoever, that you need at least full Autocad and maybe Civil.

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