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VBA datestamp problem

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Ladies and Gents,


if someone would please be so kind to take a look at the Vb file and tell me how to fix my problem, I sure would appreciate it.


Problem: If you don't set up your border correctly the first time, the datestamp.dvb will not display correctly. Text could be too big or to small. We get drawings to revise and if someone scaled up or down the border at anytime, this datestamp.dvb will come in with wrong text height, layer, etc...

It works just fine when you create a new drawing. It's the drawings we get in to revise is when the problem comes in.


If anyone can tell me how to fix it where this VB file looks at the border scale first, it would be awesome.


I am attaching the file. I had to zip it because I could not insert datestamp.dvb


Thanks in advance,



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You can copy paste vba code from within vbaman.


Why would you not check the border scale in the current vport and do a serious alert to say "hey stop drawing has been rescaled"

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