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When to use Autoload.


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Hello, I have a question for all those lisp masters out there. The company that I work for has had me learning and creating lisp for them for a couple months now and we are starting to get a library of lisp built up. Currently I have all of the lisp being loaded at startup through the appload command. I have decided to use Lee Mac's Autoloader when necessary, but I was wondering at how many lisp would it be wise to do that for instead of at startup? Right now the PCs in the office are not filling slow (They are what I would consider to be in the middle of the road in power.).

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Just me others will make comment


For years I just demand loaded as required from menus, then some shortcuts again these can load a bigger lisp.


(defun c:zzz (load "myzzz"))


I started to put together a library lisp this held my shortcuts and the common code used by various routines this was to meet office standards.


I have changed a bit now still demand load but a simple method of checking is the defun available if not load the lisp required. Again these are library lisps but not in one great big file.


(if (not AH:getval2) (load "getvals3"))
(ah:getval2 "Please enter Pit L m: " 6 5 "0.9" "Please enter Pit W  " 6 5 "0.6")

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I have about a half dozen routines that load on startup, all the rest are loaded in macros similar to BIGAL

^C^C^P(or C:ld (load "leader.lsp"));ld 

Since or only evaluate until it finds one True it doesn't evaluate (load "leader.lsp") if C:ld has been defun already. Then starts the ld arc leader lisp command.


I've got two full custom Ribbon tabs loaded with lisp macros, not sure how well AutoCAD would run if half of them were loaded at the same time.

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tombu like the "or" but will stay with "not" as I will confuse myself. Confused enough already.


Someone (Robert Bell maybe) showed me that trick about 20 years ago. Helped me remember how useful the "or" function can be.

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