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I was using 2014 but recently loaded 2017 and now 2018. I would like the command window to be docked or anchored so that the drawing is not behind it. in 2018 I find that when I zoom, window or zoom extents it fills the drawing area but it is also behind the command lines. You used to be able to anchor the command line and drawing area would stop at the command line. I tried the Help thing but got nowhere. FYI, I'm an old fart that just wants to have my cad set up as it used to be. I did make the change to The Ribbons from tool bars but enough is enough.

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There is a spot on the command line in the upper left corner. It appears to be knurlled. It is The Grip. Click & drag by the grip, moving to the lower far left corner of the drawing window. push it left until the command bar changes shape to the full length of the drawing area and then let the mouse button go after you position it just obove the view tab row. You are now docked just over the view tab row. The drawing area ill no longer go behind it.


Now go to the lower right and click the Settings button. Click to check Lock UI (user interface) if it is not already checked. Now that you have the lock button (blue when something is locked) on the task bar, click it, and check Docked Windows. The command line is a window, not a pallet or tool bar. The command line now cannot be moved as long as it is locked. I have accidentally moved my command line a couple of times. I wish I knew how, or I wouldn't lock it.


Be careful not to go too low with the command line. You can move the thing nearly off screen below the windows task bar, and it will be difficult to get hold of it to bring it back. This ability is awesome when using dual monitors though. One can really open up the drawing area with a lot of pallets moved to the other monitor. At work I sometimes move the command line to the other monitor and expand it to a dozen lines or so. My properties pallete, layers and xref managers live over there most of the time too.


settings button.png

lock it.png

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Thank you so much. I knew there was an easy way to do this, it works great for me. Thanks again.
No prob. :)

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