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Select all TEXT objects at the same Y coordinate to enclose them in a rectangle

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Hi, dear experts.


I'm creating multiple drawings and they all have a bunch of TEXT entities at the same Y coordinate, it could be 1 or it could be more.


In order to enclose all of those TEXT entities in each drawing, I normally do this:


  1. right click in every drawing
  2. quick selection
  3. select "text"
  4. "Position Y"
  5. and then I type "2006" in the "equals to" textbox


And then I use the express tool TCIRCLE to enclose them in a rectangle with a variable width.


I would like to do this with single lines or commands in the command bar, because the drawings are being made through script commands I programmed in MS Excel, I hope you understand what I mean.


Is that possible? or, just like I read online, can only be done through LISP.

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