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Help! Dynamic blocks, visibility states, and attribute tags

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I've current got a point-label block (attached) with 4 separate visibility states, with each state representing a different location for the label relative to the basepoint.


To accomplish this I have a single attribute definition for the desired label (ID, in block center, always invisible), and 4 additional definitions (upper right, lower right, etc.) in the appropriate locations for each visibility state. I set the default value for those four tags to be the value of the center ID tag via a field. However, when I actually insert the block and update the ID attribute, the attributes in each visibility state only show the default value of the ID field instead of the current value.


Obviously, I'm relatively new to this, but I hope what I'm trying to accomplish has been adequately described. If anyone knows how I can fix this block to achieve my desired end (the label shows up properly in each visibility state, in the correct location, based on a single entry of the label), please let me know.



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There are 2 things going on in your block,

first change the properties of all the attributes to read Lock Position=yes, this will allow them to show up correctly in each visibility state,

second turn the ID attribute back to visible in the upper right visibility state (it won't show in the drawing because it's property is invisible),

Then when you insert the block you will need to alter the visibility state at least once and do a regen before you see it working.

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