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Finding Newly Created View

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So, I'm not great at Revit, I know enough to pull out the information I need. So I know how to navigate and create views... but what I can't remember is how to FIND the view I'm in in the Project Browser.




I'm in a floor plan.

I create the section I want.

I right click and "Go To View"

How do I find the view I'm now in in the tree view? So I can name them all something that I'll remember? These are just working views for me, they don't need to be referenced or viewported.


Thank you! I know I knew this at one point...

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First, click on Views on the Project Browser and right-click, then select "Browser Organization". Follow the red bubbles in the image attached. This is important because this shows you how the project browser is organized.


Now, the quick 'n dirty thing to do is click once on Views, then in the Properties Type selector, simply select "All" and you'll see all views in their un-organized state based off view type.


The Project Browser is organized via custom parameters. This can be very complex, or very simple, depending on which template/company the project file is based off of. It's very powerful and very useful once organization is firmly grasped and utilized properly.


But, if you're a beginner, just select the browser to "All" to find anything and everything. I don't think you use Revit enough to really dive into this, so this will always help you out until you begin using Revit on a more consistent level.


Hope this helps.




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Thanks! This is my first real foray into real Revit instead of LT. So I'm trying to navigate all the worksets and other crap that you don't really have to actually deal with LT. It's a little strange.

I appreciate it!

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