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Mouse Button Question

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I have been putting up with a problem for a while now with the programmable buttons on my mouse. The buttons are customized for ortho and osnap on and off. The don't work mid command. The screen locks and i have to move my cursor to my other monitor and left click. That unlocks the screen and continues the command, but does not affect ortho or osnap. Is it normal for these not to work within the command. They work on the menu mid command.


Any ideas? Appreciate any help. Mouse is a Razer Blackadder.

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Of course that turns off all AutoCAD Temporary Overrides. You could simply use AutoCAD's Temporary Overrides instead. While in a command holding down the Shift key toggles Ortho and holding down Shift+a or Shift+' toggles Osnap. Having the Ortho Mode and 2D Object Snap on the Status bar makes toggling or modifying them a snap as well as displaying whether they're on or off.

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