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Most appropriate free CAD software

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I'm not sure which thread to post this question in, so forgive me if it's not in the right place.

In my workplace I have AutoCAD (2006 version but it does what I need for now), as do some of the salesmen I work with. To save money my boss wants us to change so that I retain AutoCAD but the salesmen move onto a free dwg editing program. They don't need to be able to do much with their free program, but as a minimum I should be able to give them custom icons that will perform various block-insertion, block-replacement and layer control type commands.

I'm at the early stages of researching this question and have come across Draftsight (free version), LibreCAD, NanoCAD, BabaCAD. Do any of these fit the bill, or do I go to my boss and say the idea is a non-starter?

Thanks in advance

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Any CAD program that allows the user to customize it to fit their needs would do. Since the ones you mention are free then pick one and try customizing it. If you can't then move onto the next one. The other alternative is to purchase a low cost AutoCAD clone such as BricsCAD. BricsCAD offers perpetual incenses and comes in three different configurations. Check it out.

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Thanks, I've downloaded and tried almost a dozen free or cheaper alternatives to AutoCAD and BricsCAD is the only one still in the running. It can deal with DIESEL, and can redefine blocks in a similar way to AutoCAD. I managed to copy over my cui from AutoCAD but the buttons don't work and seems to need tweaking. Still working on that. Otherwise, BricsCAD looks the part.

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